Save time...
Spend less time at the fuel dock and more on the water
with our new (up to 60 GPM) high speed fuel pumps.

...and save money!
The first of its kind marine fuel discount and rewards points plan on the Northern Gulf Coast. Most of us are familiar with credit card rewards and airline frequent flyer plans, and even discount cash rewards at the local convenience store, but why not a discount rewards plan to save you money when fueling your boat? Click for more info...

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Cool video courtesy of Lighthouse Marina customer Dick Mink
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Why is Lighthouse Marina known as the place sportsmen keep their boats? Because Lighthouse is built for guys, guts and fishing glory. It's the Man-Cave of Grand Lagoon. It's the marina for the hard-core's that simple.

Lighthouse Marina on Grand Lagoon, Panama City Beach, Florida provides saltwater sportsmen the area's best access to the Gulf of Mexico and the two-fisted adventure it affords. Lighthouse is the fuel station for all of Grand Lagoon, offering the most convenient grab-and-go fuel access available. Nothing to stand in your way at Lighthouse. You want to fish, and we want to get you there...

Wanna' keep your boat where the action is? Lighthouse Marina is smack dab in the middle of what's happening. Our storage barn, loading area and waterfront fuel dock are located on beautiful Grand Lagoon. The docks are home to the Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise and a host of charter boat captains taking guests out for an adventure of their own.

Our NEW M20 Tenant Floor Machine

This baby will keep all of our concrete floors even cleaner, which in turn will keep your vessel even cleaner while being stored. From the grin on his face, it looks like Jim might have plans to get behind the wheel some, himself. Watch out, folks!